AVerMedia CL311-M1 4Kp30 Multi-Input PCIe Video Capture Card

AVerMedia CL311-M1 4Kp30 Multi-Input PCIe Video Capture Card


  • Max. input resolution 3840 x 2160 30fps
  • Max. capturing/ recording 1920 x 1080 60fps
  • Multiple I/O: HDMI/ DVI/ VGA/ Component/ Composite/ S-Video/ Audio LR interface
  • A PCI Express low profile form factor
  • Equips the Motion adaptive de-interlacing technology
  • Supports WD1/960H technology
  • Applications: industrial inspection, surveillance, medical imaging, education, etc.
  • Customization Model: 61CL311MA1AL


The AVerMedia CL311-M1 is a low-profile PCI Express capture card, which is equipped with multiple video interfaces, including HDMI/ DVI/ VGA/ Component/ Composite/ S-Video/ Audio LR. It is compatible with most video devices so you can capture anything you like with just the one card. 4K input resolution offers astounding video clarity through its PCIe Gen2 x4 data bus. With a 3840 x 2160 30fps ultra high video resolution, CL311-M1 can downscale automatically to 1920 x 1080 60fps, which offers distinct image quality. CL311-M1 is best suited for industrial and commercial applications with diverse video input sources such as industrial inspection, surveillance, medical imaging and education. AVerMedia hardware-based video engine technology implements practical video processing functions such as de-interlacing for a sharper image, color space conversion for more true-to-life video color and resolution scaling. In addition to the above features, the outstanding motion adaptive de-interlacing technology is beneficial in dealing with dynamic videos, resulting in smooth video playback with amazing clarity. This technology is especially well-suited for surveillance application. The CL311-M1 works with any video format and resolution that you need. Even offers the WD1/960H resolution support of the analog CCTV camera in surveillance systems. The user can make use of the CL311-M1 to view, capture or analyze the 960H composite video signals.


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