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APLEX Technology Inc unveil their latest offering, the ViKING series, a cutting-edge marine solution. In the maritime industry, prioritising safety and dependability is crucial. Hence, marine facilities must possess robustness, durability, and the ability to operate seamlessly in the long term, even in the face of challenging environments.

Out on the open sea, vessels encounter a host of adverse conditions including harsh climates, challenging environments, and various situations such as humidity, water droplets, extreme temperature fluctuations, and intense shocks and vibrations. APLEX’s ViKING series addresses these concerns by presenting a fanless, true flat bezel-designed marine panel PC that possesses marine certification and an array of exceptional features. This innovative solution not only withstands the harshest environments, but also safeguards equipment from potential damage and significantly reduces the risk of malfunctions.

To provide the optimal marine navigation solution, ViKING boasts a dimming function and an anti-corrosion feature. When navigating the vast ocean, lighting conditions can undergo substantial changes between daytime and night-time. Therefore, precise lighting control is essential for facilities on board vessels.

ViKING supports brightness levels ranging from 0% to 100% and incorporates features such as AR coating, optical bonding, and three lighting modes for day, dusk, and night. These features ensure an unparalleled reading experience, enabling users to access information effortlessly.

Despite the challenging conditions it faces, ViKING surpasses expectations with its ruggedness and durability. Designed to withstand even the harshest environments, this remarkable solution can operate flawlessly across a wide temperature range, from -20 to 60℃. It incorporates an anti-corrosion feature that has successfully passed the salt spray test, ensuring its resilience against salt corrosion. Additionally, ViKING is certified with an IP66 front bezel rating, guaranteeing its dustproof and waterproof capabilities. This robust certification shields the system from salt corrosion, water, and moisture damage, providing unparalleled protection.

A High Performance and Reliable Marine Panel PC

Equipped with the powerful 8th Gen. Intel Core i3/i5 processor, ViKING offers exceptional computing performance for the panel PC, enabling efficient control of facilities, rapid data collection, and accurate information delivery. ViKING is available in three screen sizes: 12.1″, 19″, and 24″, all featuring TFT-LCD displays with projected capacitive touch and multi-touch functionality. The isolated I/O design incorporates 1 x 260-pin SO-DIMM DDR4 slot, supporting up to 32GB of memory, along with 4 x USB 3.0, 2 x COM, and 1 x DP interfaces, facilitating effective communication with other devices.

ViKING also supports expandability through an expansion card and an OSD keypad, ensuring quick and user-friendly operation. Additionally, its storage unit is easily accessible, allowing for efficient and hassle-free storage exchanges.

Hence, in addition to encompassing essential features for marine facilities, the ViKING series ensures a stable and secure operation for validated functions crucial to the maritime industry. These functions include navigation, surveillance, monitoring, data collection, data transmission, and ship automation. Moreover, ViKING adheres to the IEC 60945 maritime standard, making it an ideal choice for various marine applications such as control rooms and engine rooms.

Unleashing the Power of Marine-Certified Panel PCs: Exploring Their Wide Range of Applications

In the maritime industry, where harsh environments and demanding conditions prevail, the need for robust and reliable technology solutions is of utmost importance. Marine-certified panel PCs have emerged as indispensable tools, revolutionizing operations across various marine sectors. These specialized computers offer a multitude of applications that enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity in marine environments. In this article, we will delve into the diverse applications of marine-certified panel PCs and explore how they have transformed the maritime industry.

Navigation and Bridge Systems

Navigation is a critical aspect of marine operations, requiring accurate data, real-time monitoring, and advanced visualisation. Marine-certified panel PCs are widely used as primary displays on ship bridges, providing captains and navigators with essential information such as charts, radar images, sonar data, and communication systems. These ruggedized computers withstand vibrations, extreme temperatures, and exposure to saltwater, ensuring uninterrupted performance in the most challenging conditions.

Monitoring and Control Systems

The marine industry heavily relies on monitoring and control systems to oversee crucial aspects such as engine performance, power distribution, cargo handling, and safety equipment. Marine-certified panel PCs serve as central control hubs, enabling operators to monitor and control various systems from a single interface. With their high processing power and connectivity options, these panel PCs facilitate efficient data collection, analysis, and remote control, ensuring smooth operations and timely responses to emergencies.

Communication and Connectivity

In today’s interconnected world, seamless communication is vital for maritime operations. Marine-certified panel PCs integrate advanced communication technologies, including wireless connectivity, satellite communication, and maritime-specific protocols. These systems facilitate efficient data exchange, voice communication, and remote monitoring, enabling vessels to stay connected with onshore personnel, ports, and other ships. Enhanced communication capabilities help streamline logistics, ensure crew safety, and optimize vessel performance.

Environmental Monitoring and Compliance

Environmental regulations and sustainability concerns have increasingly shaped the maritime industry. Marine-certified panel PCs play a crucial role in environmental monitoring, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimising the ecological impact. These computers enable real-time monitoring of emissions, water quality, fuel consumption, and other environmental parameters. By providing accurate data and alerts, panel PCs help operators make informed decisions, reduce environmental risks, and maintain compliance with international standards.

Entertainment and Crew Welfare

Extended periods at sea can be physically and mentally demanding for crew members. Marine-certified panel PCs contribute to crew welfare by providing entertainment options during leisure time. These computers offer multimedia capabilities, enabling crew members to access movies, music, books, and games. Additionally, panel PCs can be used for onboard training programmes, e-learning, and communication with family and friends, enhancing crew morale and well-being.

Vessel Maintenance and Diagnostics

Maintenance and troubleshooting are integral to vessel operations, ensuring continuous functionality and preventing costly downtime. Marine-certified panel PCs assist in maintenance tasks by providing access to onboard diagnostic systems, maintenance logs, equipment manuals, and troubleshooting guides. The rugged design of these computers enables their use in engine rooms, facilitating real-time monitoring and swift identification of potential issues. By streamlining maintenance procedures, panel PCs contribute to increased vessel availability and reduced maintenance costs.


Marine-certified panel PCs have become indispensable tools in the maritime industry, revolutionizing operations across multiple sectors. From navigation and bridge systems to monitoring and control, communication, environmental compliance, crew welfare, and vessel maintenance, these rugged computers have proven their worth in the harshest marine environments. As technology continues to evolve, marine-certified panel PCs will play a pivotal role in driving innovation and improving efficiency in the maritime industry, ensuring safer and more sustainable operations at sea.

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