About Us

Assured Systems is a leading technology company offering high quality and innovative computer solutions to the embedded, industrial, and digital-out-of-home market sectors. You will find our products in a diverse range of applications throughout our key verticals, which include energy, transportation, defense, automation, process control, medical, asset tracking, narrow-casting, gaming and multimedia.

Truly Global Reach

With offices in the UK and USA, Assured Systems was founded by senior executives of high-technology organizations with global experience. Our vision was to create a truly innovative company which offers customers the best technology available, whilst keeping a keen focus on quality, reliability, long-term support and ultimately, value. This methodology ensures everyone in the supply chain stays competitive and ahead of their rivals – we’re redefining the win-win mentality needed for successful partnerships.

Assured SYstems Offices


This is what sets Assured Systems apart from our peers. Our sales team has a wealth of experience in the industrial and embedded marketplace, and we consider ourselves consultants, rather than typical account managers. We thoroughly understand our products, our customers, their markets, and the applications in which our systems are being deployed. You can rely on our expertise to ensure you receive the right guidance resulting in a precise fit for your requirements every time, saving you time and effort, and ultimately money.

System Integration

All of our systems are built-to-order at our facilities in the UK and US.  After careful pre-sales consultation, we configure hardware and software to exact requirements. Our services include hardware integration for systems, single board computer and LCD display configuration, and operating system installation and support.  See our Integration page for more information.


Alongside our system integration services, Assured Systems is a specialist distributor of high quality electronic components and assemblies, often available from our stock. Close ties with our suppliers means we're able to offer preferential pricing, and when combined with our customer service and support, we really are the logical choice in industrial and embedded computing.

Long-term Support

Choosing suppliers for technical know-how and quality product selection is only one part of our process. Equally important is the ability to supply these products over the life-cycle of our customer's products. Assured Systems is committed to long-term availability and we work closely with our vendors to ensure component availability. In circumstances where change is unavoidable, we strive to offer customers a 'form, fit, function' replacement, reducing any impact on the product design.

Whatever your application needs, Assured can help 

Please take a couple of minutes to see our helpful Assured Systems Infographic which we created to visually demonstrate the depth and breadth of our experience. Assured Systems can create bespoke hardware, software and content solutions which fit your exact needs; whether that be in a digital signage or multimedia application, an industrial environment or any of our challenging vertical markets, Assured can help.



Our Core Values

Passionate About People: At Assured Systems we invest in our team. Employing the right people is vital in order to serve our customers with the level of performance expected, upholding our duty of care and professional behaviour at all times.

Work With Empathy: At Assured Systems we treat all people as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Take Personal Ownership: At Assured Systems we hold ourselves accountable for everything we do. We communicate and act promptly, clearly and with honesty at all times.

Expect Excellence: At Assured Systems we are driven to achieve superior results for our customers through our exceptional people, service and delivery.

Forward Thinking: At Assured Systems we strive for continuous improvement. We're constantly evolving, offering customers newer technology, better quality, value, and customer service by investing our time, energy and profits for the benefit of our clients, staff and suppliers.

Forward Thinking

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Assured Systems expertise is here for project support.

Get in touch with your requirements to see what we recommend!


Assured Systems expertise is here for project support.

Get in touch with your requirements to see what we recommend!

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