Neousys MezIO-V20 16-Mode Ignition Power Control Module

Neousys MezIO-V20 16-Mode Ignition Power Control Module


  • Ignition Power Control with 16 Predefined On or Off Delay Modes
  • Ultra-low 12 mA Ignition-off Standby Power
  • Advanced Ignition Control Features
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Guarded Power-on and Power-off Delay Duration
  • System Hard-off
  • BIOS POST Check
  • Supports 12V DC and 24V DC


The Neousys MezIO-V20 16-mode ignition power control MezIO module adds ignition power control function to a wide range of Neousys embedded computers.

Ordering Info

  • MezIO-V20: For Nuvo-7000LP / POC-300 / Nuvo-5000LP Series: 16-mode ignition power control for in-vehicle usage, 1x mini-PCIe
  • MezIO-V20-EP: For Nuvo-7160GC / Nuvo-7164GC / Nuvo-7000E/P/DE / Nuvo-5095GC / Nuvo-5000E/P Series: Ignition power control function for in-vehicle usage


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