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Our range of Railway Certified Computers are designed for use on-board rolling stock. Fanless and solid state means the systems can cope with the high vibration and shock environments they are subjected to whilst moving. Features popular with railway computers are shock resistance and multiple analog or digital I/O to receive monitoring and surveillance signals from cameras for example.

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Railway Certified Computers - Further Information

EN 50155 - This is an international standard required for all electrical equipment used on rolling stock for rail applications. We covered the depth and breadth of what is required to pass EN50155 in an earlier news article here, but essentially it involves systems standing up to wide temperatures, shock and vibration, a wide range of voltage to power the systems, electromagnetic parameters and evidence of tested performance and reliability. Any EN50155 system is going to be rugged enough to take the sustained pressures of a rail environment.

EN 50121 - is specifically the electromagnetic compatibility of an electrical device within rolling stack. EN50121 has to be passed as part of the EN 50155 compliance. The standard restricts electromagnetic interference levels allowed to be emitted to the outside world as well as within the train vehicle itself. It measures any potential risk to signaling and telecommunications apparatus as well as fixed power supply installations.

EN 45545 - This standard represents fire standards on railway applications with requirements for the behavior of materials and components.

EN 61373 - Again, this standard is composite to the EN50155 for railway applications. The EN 61373 is concerned with shock and vibration, testing any electronic device over differing axis and timescales up to 5g.

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