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Assured Systems offer instrument class signal conditioning solutions from our partner Dataforth. Available in both DIN mount and modular plug-in format, Dataforth signal conditioners have wide supply voltages which offer the best in isolation, CMR, noise rejection and accuracy rates. We also offer custom solutions with parameters to suit your projects needs.

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SCM5B Signal Conditioners
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SCM7B Signal Conditioners
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8B Signal Conditioners
8b Signal Conditioner
DSCA DIN Signal Conditioners
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Signal Conditioning - Further Information

Analog signals need to be 'conditioned' or prepared before they can be translated into a digital signal. Signal conditioning is the act of manipulating the analog signal before it goes onto the next phase in processing which is turning it into digital. Sensors that measure temperature and stresses for example need to have these signals 'conditioned' before they can be picked up by a data acquisition device.

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