Demonstrating SMART Energy Networks with Keele University

Assured Systems is proud to be associated with Keele University and SIEMENS, partnering in the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) project. The SEND project will promote the production of energy derived from renewable sources and support research, innovation and the commercialisation of low carbon and smart energy technologies by the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas’ energy sector.

As a partner in the project, Assured Systems will assist in live world-leading research and product development, supporting environmental sustainability through renewable energy sources.



The Keele University Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) will provide a real community-based demonstrator of how a smart, flexible network of energy supply, storage and monitoring can improve energy security, reduce energy costs and reduce carbon emissions within a mixed environment and community. The project will inform Central and Local Government, the research community, the energy industry, business and local communities.

The initial construction works will see the addition of four new electrical substations to the ​Keele University ​Science ​and Innovation ​Park​ (removing those currently under the control of the local network operator ) which will be digitalised, and fully ready for automation. Buried, interconnecting power cables in the vicinity will be upgraded. Other existing substations around campus will be retrofitted with similar automation products as those within the supply of the new substations. Long term, these sub stations will be under the full control of SEND, allowing Keele to continuously monitor, control, and shift loads onto an independent electricity network. ​These works to the sub stations will also ensure that the University's electrical network is fully ready to accept a wide variety of renewable energy resources that local businesses may wish to trial through the scheme.


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