mPCIe Module with Audio Mic-In/Line-In/Line-Out

mPCIe Module with Audio Mic-In/Line-In/Line-Out




The AX92905 is a Full-size PCI Express Mini Module with Audio. Features include a USB to Audio as Mic-In/Line-In/Line-Out and support for one half-size PCI Express mini card slot. The controller is a Cmedia CM6510B.

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  • AX92905 – mPCIe Module with Audio Mic-In/Line-In/Line-Out


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  • USB to Audio as Mic-In/Line-In/Line-Out
  • Supports: one half-size PCI Express Mini card slot (PCIe only)
  • Form factor: Full-size PCI Express Mini Card
  • Controller: Cmedia CM6510B
  • Specification: Audio with Mic in/Line in/Line out and halfsize PCI Express Mini Card slot (PCIe only)
  • Dimension: 51mm x 30mm